Lead Scoring and Tracking

Easily keep track of which leads you want to focus on by ranking them according to how engaged they are with your content. Lead scoring can be automated or it can be done manually. If you have a very engaged lead, rank them as “hot” so you can send campaigns which help convert them into sales.


Pipeline Management

Our software automatically keeps track of where each lead is in your pipeline so lead nurturing and targeting is simple. You can easily add leads and move leads in your pipeline, either manually or automatically. Based on automatically tracked data, you can improve your pipeline and shorten your sales cycle.

Landing Pages and Forms

Capture data from new prospects every chance you can get using signup forms or landing pages. Sit back and relax as our automation manager software filters new subscribers into the correct lists and enters them into automated lead nurturing campaigns based on their individual preferences.

Lead Nurturing

Nurture your prospects from the first touch point through to purchase, and maintain regular contact with loyal customers to increase revenues. Use our advanced filtering technology to personalize each message and tailor content based on customer interests and behaviors when engaging with the company.

Multi-Channel Campaigns

Engage with customers and prospects using multiple forms of communication, including web, email, text messages, voice messages, social media, and even fax! Include multiple forms of communication in single campaigns to make sure your company stays top of mind. The Automation Manager will do all sending for you.

Detailed Campaign Reports

Monitor every campaign and every interaction with contacts using our detailed reporting and analytics system. Track open rates, click-throughs, social reach and more to discover which campaigns are working and which ones need a little work. Discover the real ROI of your campaigns to maximize budget effectiveness.

Easy-to-use API

Connect with our API to trigger 360 campaigns from external sources such as CRMs, e-commerce solutions, and calendars. Once API calls have been set up, our marketing automation system will automatically communicate with contacts based on behaviors that occur outside of our system.