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Marketing automation is an incredible tool if you use it to its full potential. If you do not understand how to use it, however, or if you don’t put the necessary time into planning, execution and analysis, your marketing automation solution will not help you grow your business. What should you be careful to avoid when using marketing automation? We go over some of the most common missteps in this post.

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Understand your customer and increase your sales

Winning customers today means staying connected. It means knowing how to interact with your customers on an ongoing basis, using communications technology to build rapport and – when it’s time to make a sales pitch – engage them with rich, compelling presentations and interactive experiences that put you ahead of the crowd.


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Marketing Automation – Solutions for Hotels

Survey Guests to Improve Experience

Surveying guests allows you to collect information about how the guest experience can be improved: what guests like, aspects you can improve on and so on. This feedback enables you to improve your hospitality business and keep guest satisfaction high.

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Is marketing automation right for your organisation?

The answer? We say yes, but our opinion may be a little compromised right?

Let’s find out if your organisation can benefit from adding marketing automation to the mix.

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