Is marketing automation right for your organisation?

The answer? We say yes, but our opinion may be a little compromised right?

Let’s find out if your organisation can benefit from adding marketing automation to the mix.

Most of you already know about email marketing and are using it to your advantage.

It is most likely the bread and butter of your overall marketing plan. You collect user data, send newsletters and then check open rates and clicks. Pretty simple and powerful all at the same time.

All good there. But did you know there is so much more you could do to engage your customers, nurture leads into buyers and of course, grow your business?

Let’s introduce the idea of automating your marketing over several forms of communication and how you can wade through all the noise to determine if it is right for your company.

1. Marketing automation opens up a limitless range of possibilities and options for you to further engage and target your subscribers and turn them into happy, paying clients.

2. Marketing automation can cover multiple forms of communication methods that are triggered based on a user’s actions. You continue creating awesome content and let software send it to the ideal people at the ideal time on the ideal form of communication.

3. Marketing automation will take the pressure off your sales teams because now they can easily speed up the buying cycle with more personalised messages no matter when the client interacts.

You should consider marketing automation if:

  • Your customer buying cycle lasts longer than a week to 10 days.
  • Sending just email newsletters alone does not seem to drive sales.
  • Your marketing team needs an easier way to create and send targeted, multi-marketing campaigns that either integrate with email or are totally separate.
  • Your marketing team does not have enough time to do everything they need to do with their current resources.
  • You want to send different messages to different titles and industries and using different channels of communication.
  • Your sales people are not happy with the quality of leads that your marketing team is bringing in. We can’t have any anger in the ranks now can we?
  • You sell different products or services to different demographics.
  • You want to better understand which of your marketing campaigns are the most effective.
  • You can’t tell if your business should be spending more or less money on marketing.
  • You have tried everything you can when it comes to email marketing and just need more options.
  • You want to reach clients on their preferred method of communication (if it is not email). This could be social media, mobile, direct, offline or other online marketing methods.

Don’t Stop the Email Marketing Train

We are in no way saying that you should stop doing email marketing. If it is working, why would you. It is still one of the most effective and efficient ways to generate leads and engage clients.

If you are “killing it” with email marketing, keep doing it. We just want to show you that there is so much more you can incorporate to your overall marketing plan.

More and more organisations are moving toward full marketing automation for their communication needs and with this, customers are going to start to expect it. Receiving information the way they want to and on the medium they want to is the future of marketing and overall communication.

Whether it is a customer, new lead, reader, fan, subscriber, employee or even someone just wanting to learn about your product, timely content that is personalised will have a greater impact to what you are looking to achieve. No longer can you have an office full of people standing by to interact with callers. Thanks to the Internet and the advancement of mobile, people can sign up, buy or interact with you from anywhere in the world and at any time. Marketing automation has you ready to engage immediately.

So are you now better prepared to move towards marketing automation for your organisation? No time like the present as they say.

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